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Save all avatar textures with Firestorm Pro for Second Life
Minaj Offline
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Summer Offline

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Thank you, this helpsThumbsUp
Yes, I stole your shit!!! And What!!!???
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lilith969 Offline
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Was there sound with this? Just can't really make out what you did here. Thanks.
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Minaj Offline
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Basically I just selected an avi on my radar and ripped all their textures. I ripped all their, skins, his and any texture visible to the viewer. Then I saved them all to my folder. You can go through your folder and find what textures you want to keep or disgard. You can reapply the textures using their uuid.

D0gstar Offline

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Ms Minaj,

You're a Star, hope you know that.

fridaynight Offline
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Is this Firestorm proffecional the same as Darkstorm?

oracle Offline

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So, following the instructions in the video, I ripped everything I wanted from an avatar (and then some).  Everything saved as a .TGA file.  I'm not sure what to do next in order to import what I want back into SL.  I am really only looking to upload the skin.  Any advice?

matics28 Offline

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Thanks for the help I really appreciate it!

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