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I have actually been working from home for 3 years now. It's a great experience if you are ready for it. Everyone is not suited for this. You have to take away the myths before you do anything else. At home workers are not all sitting in front of the XBox playing video games while we take a few calls every now and then. There is essentially no difference between working at home and working from the office. Ok, the break room is much better equipped (if you go grocery shopping regularly) and the commute is less hectic (but after all this time I find myself missing driving to work, meh).

I am in a chat with my co-worker constantly and at least on my current team, its refreshing. Some managers only want a strict business level communication, that can be a bit isolating and boring but  I am lucky in this regard. Pay... you'll figure that out but it's a thing you have to deal with and adjust to. Work from home sometimes pays less than working in a brick and mortar for the exact same job. but when factor out the drive depending on your mode of transport you can still come out with more money(sometimes).

There are going to be work-life adjustments to make. I recommend having an actual office space. you'd be surprised how much of a difference this makes. I spent my first year working out of my dining room and it sucked. Moving to my office made a HuGE difference in my morale. Oh and space heaters and fans a real thing... use them.
PM me if you want specifics.

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